Code of Ethics

YouCC Technologies is a leading IT services company in its field that employs many employees who provide services to a wide variety of companies and organizations in the Israeli economy and abroad.

As a life-seeking company, we strive to maintain an adequate and high-quality business culture by its employees, managers, and stack holders in the company and to implement the company’s core values ​​as an integral part of its business activities.

Therefore, the company asks its employees and partners to implement a professional and business code of ethics based on the fulfillment of the company’s vision so that all company employees act fairly and ethically, in good faith, responsibly, carefully, and expertly when performing actions on behalf of the company. The YouCC company believes in a personal relationship and personal working relationships, no less than the quality of the service, which of course is also important. The quality of service is the basis, the attitude and connection to our customers is the important anchor in our relationships with our customers.

The code of ethics is an integral part of the company’s work rules that apply to all employees, and is an integral part of the employment conditions of all employees. Against an employee who does not act in accordance with the company’s code of ethics, all measures available to the company within the framework of the law will be taken.

Conflict of interest – in any case of fear of a conflict of interest, the employee must prioritize the client’s interests over the personal or corporate interests of YouCC. An employee who encounters a fear of a conflict of interest is asked to consult with his managers regarding how to act in this situation.

Work within the framework of the law.

The employee must perform his work and act within the framework of the law. In any fear of deviating from the straight path, the employee must report to his managers and refrain from acting in an illegal manner, whether minor or serious.


The company’s employees will refrain from acts involving deception or fraud and will act in accordance with all the contractual, business and ethical obligations the company has committed to.

Prevention of bribery and corruption.

We are committed to managing the company’s business in accordance with strict principles of ethics, prevention of corruption and non-bribery. The company has zero tolerance towards corruption phenomena of any kind. Gaining an advantage for the company through any kind of corruption is not an option and is not on the agenda.

Equal opportunities.

The company is obliged to give equal opportunities to its employees and candidates to work in the company regardless of sex, age, gender or any social or group characteristic. There will be no discrimination in the selection, training and promotion processes in the company. Every professional decision will be based on the business needs of the company, job skills, abilities and the area of ​​expertise of the employees.

Prevention of sexual harassment

 The company operates in accordance with the Law for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment, 1998. All employees of the company are obliged to act according to the sexual harassment regulations adopted by the company.

Business confidentiality.

The company’s employees must maintain the company’s business and commercial secrets, while taking precautions to prevent their disclosure to others, both inside and outside the company. For the sake of clarity, business secrets include, among other things, information about customers and various parties with whom the company has relationships, company documents, business plans and strategies.

Business confidentiality of the company’s customers.

The company’s customers trust YouCC to protect their business secrets, business information and any information received by the company’s employees related to the company that receives service from us. The employee will not share information to which he was exposed as part of his work, including not in public, not to other employees and/or consultants of the client (except with the client’s approval) and not within the company. The company’s employee, who is exposed to the client’s internal organizational processes as well as to difficulties and challenges with him, is obliged to complete loyalty and work in accordance with the client’s procedures.

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Code of Ethics

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