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Active Directory is subject to failure due to human error, malicious activities, viruses, and software malfunctions. These failures require a complete or partial restoration of the Active Directory environment. The Semperis suite of products provides organizations with multiple resources that enable price and automatic recovery of the entire forest, recovery of thousands of objects, and recovery of a single attribute.

The DSP Intelligence is an extension of the DS Protector Advanced product. The module performs continuous reviews of the Active Directory environment. These reviews of the AD environment look for potential weaknesses in these environments: incorrect properties/settings, suspicious operations, etc. The module contains a wide list of tests called indicators: for each of the indicators, the system provides a detailed explanation that includes the description of the exposure/potential risk, which objects in the system were found to be problematic, a recommendation for a course of action that includes links to important sources of information, and a recommendation for how to solve the problem/exposure.

This module makes it possible to significantly reduce the risks of breaking into the organization and to know about suspicious events when they occur.

The list of indicators (tests) is updated by Semperis’ team of information security experts at any time when a new loophole comes out and is known to the world, and is available for your use automatically, thus keeping the tests up to date over time.

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