The load of event reporting on attacks is known in every professional organization that protects itself using standard and well-known information security tools, for example – FW components, WAF components, etc.

In a situation where malicious attacks are becoming daily – an ordinary organization becomes more and more vulnerable due to its limited ability to distinguish between events in terms of severity, risk, and urgency.

Considering this fact, solutions from the SOAR family of products (acronyms for – Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) began to reach the information security market. The main shortcomings of most of the products that respond to this market stems from the need for a lot of knowledge and a lot of maintenance of scripts that require a great deal of expertise.

TORQ as a NO-Code product for automating information security events

Torq is a no-code automation platform for security teams. Torq enables any security professional to connect to any system, anywhere, and easily create automated workflows that streamline security processes. Fortune 100 organizations and leading startups alike trust Torq to help them maximize cybersecurity investments, respond to threats faster, and deliver protection at the speed of business


How does TORQ do it?

Through a quick and automatic response to any exposure.

By building automatic processes without the use of code or scripts.

By switching to a proactive approach that removes false positive alerts and by executing and activating automatic responses

Accelerate and automate security operations

Build flows with a no-code, thru  drag-and-drop designer—no need for developers or high skilled professionals.

Easily connect to any device in your environment to ensure complete protection.

Hundreds of out-of-the-box templates will get you started in minutes.

Dozens of pre-made integrations for leading security products on the market.


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