Before the Covid era, digital transformation had its own driving force. More than half of the total gross domestic product (GDP) worldwide has gone digital, as businesses have profited from implementing apps and software applications and using them as leverage to innovate and expand their product portfolio. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the digital transformation itself has changed its nature and form. Businesses no longer see digital transformation only as a source of innovation, digital transformation has become a source of adapting the business to the new era both on the side of revenues and on the side of expenses. While they usually used to proceed cautiously with digital transformation, today companies rely on it because of its impact on business stability, service continuity and the ability to make the transition towards an era that allows working from anywhere while improving work processes and the world.

Where and why?

We have seen two years of digital transformation in a few months which accelerated the pace of changes since the beginning of the Covid epidemic until today. From teamwork and remote learning, to sales and customer service, to critical cloud infrastructure and security, customers and employees need to adapt and remain vital and active in order to continue to support the business.

Where does the digital transformation catch us – everywhere in fact or more precisely at every point in the business that needs to adapt to the new era. And the changes in the new era do not only concern the business applications but the entire infrastructural envelope of each and every organization – which causes organizations to accelerate processes of moving to the cloud.

Vertical samples

Research shows that 83% of all companies believe that they need to embrace technological power in order to succeed in the future. This study refers to the practical use of creative entrepreneurial thinking that focuses on adopting new digital capabilities to solve complex challenges for businesses and government in an active and deliberate combination with advanced digital technologies.

So how do organizations adopt the new technologies for example:

The financial sector – today allows its employees to work and provide service to their customers from anywhere with remote access to all the interfaces required for their work.

The public sector – carried out a process of modernizing the outdated platforms to reduce costs, improve scalability and meet the demands of citizens and regulation.

In health...

The health sector – adopting new solutions to solve old problems, such as virtual visits to meet with patients in a physically safe environment while improving efficiency and providing accessibility to patients.

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