What is Volterra?

Volterra provides a unified platform for deploying, orchestrating, securing, and scaling workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The platform addresses the enterprise pain point of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) architecture and operations for cloud-only or integrated architecture workloads. Volterra provides the solution through a cloud SaaS platform that supports local installations, public cloud, and edge-based installations.

Volterra was acquired by F5 Networks for $500 million in January 2021, just over a year after exiting the consideration process. The acquisition of Volterra provides F5 with three key capabilities:

  1. A distributed proxy architecture is optimized for K8s environments to enable networking across the WAN with global load balancing and traffic management.
  2. A distributed network/application fabric with integrated application security capabilities, such as WAF, distributed DDOS, encryption, threat mitigation, and optimization for cloud-born applications.
  3. Deployment of endpoints (Edges) for the distribution and delivery of consistent digital services with appliance-based services or like focus the connection points to the network of the telcos and industry.

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