Implementation and Tools

The world of DevSec is divided into several areas according to the software development life cycle. There are tools and methods that lead the development and operation teams to keep our system secure.

During the project planning phase, we will allocate the necessary resources and time to implement in the development process practices that will prevent “bad” code from reaching creation. Code control with an emphasis on security issues, peer control and “clean-code” principles as much as possible.

In the development phase, we integrate tools for code control, which scan the code we write in for search errors that may lead to security breaches. We use tools that know how to identify and rate the safety level of libraries and speed up the development process. In addition, we also avoid libraries that receive a low score, libraries that are rarely used and libraries that are not regularly maintained.

The use of automation processes of transferring the products between the environments while running automatic tests, implementing API Security tools already on the testing environment will enable the detection of suspicious inquiries even in the test environment.

The implementation of monitoring and security tools in the production environment with the help of integrated teams of development, security and DevOps personnel enables a short circuit closure to provide solutions to the projects changing needs.

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Implementation and tools

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