What is Cortex SDR?

What happens when you combine the industry’s first extendible detection and response (XDR) platform with the industry’s most comprehensive security execution, automation, and response platform? The impossible suddenly becomes possible.

The sea of ​​alerts flooding an organization becomes several cases/ALERTS that can be executed. The organization gets the power to enrich alerts based on the threat intelligence policy and unique reputation sources of the organization’s applications. The tool allows the organization the ability to stop attacks automatically by blocking and closing files and isolating endpoints with comprehensive security playbooks available out of the box.

If you’ve purchased both platforms, you can take advantage of this powerful combination today, simply by adding the Cortex XDR Content Pack with the click of a button in the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace. Content Packs provide pre-built playbooks, dashboards, integrations, and more that help organizations schedule and transform workflows. End-to-end information security operations. With the content pack, you can skip writing playbooks and instead focus on addressing threats.

Content pack Cortex XDR solves today’s top SecOps challenges that many security analysts struggle with, including limited visibility and repetitive manual tasks that can slow incident response times. Most security teams do not have the resources to manually enrich alerts or look for indicators of intrusion (IOC). They waste precious time doing the same process repeatedly.

The content pack showcases the power of the Cortex platform by enabling analysts to perform detection, investigation, and response, as well as case management, scheduling, and collaboration holistically. For example, using this content pack, when your analysts see a port scan alert, they may need to gather threat intelligence on the source of the port scan, analyze the endpoint process that initiated the scan, isolate the endpoint, and notify SOC management. The content pack automates these manual steps with a port scanning playbook.

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