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The process of transferring corporate mailboxes from on-prem servers to the cloud requires prior thinking, an orderly process and dealing with specific scenarios such as manager-secretary boxes, shared boxes, application boxes and more.

Carrying out the migration with minimum down-time is critical since an organization works with its mail systems around the clock, sometimes it’s about financial loss and loss of contracts when the mail system is unavailable.

Sometimes there is also a need to upgrade and update the on-prem mail server before performing the migration, and in “extreme” situations – a more updated server must be installed, the mailboxes transferred to it, and only then can the migration to the cloud be performed.

YouCC Technologies specializes in the migration of corporate mailboxes from the local exchange server to the cloud.

We have signed dozens of projects of all local server versions, in SMB and ENT environments.

We are experienced in performing the migration using Microsoft’s built-in tools or using third-party tools, depending on the environment and the complexity of the migration.

We can advise, accompany, and carry out the migration from the planning stage to the cutover stage, to assist in making decisions regarding the appropriate topology (Cloud only VS Hybrid), at the same time as upgrading the local Exchange server.

Cloud migration – Cloud to Cloud

A migration project can be complex and complicated in and of itself, especially when the migration must be performed from cloud to cloud and not from the local exchange server, when the cloud from which the mailboxes are extracted can be 365 or G-suite.

A cloud-to-cloud migration process is different from a “normal” migration of mailboxes from the on-prem mail server. It brings with it its unique challenges, such as moving from G-suite Labels to folders and subfolders in 365.

YouCC has extensive experience in performing migrations from cloud to cloud, whether the CLOUD source is 365 or G-Suite.

As mentioned, cloud-to-cloud migration is completely different from migration from the local Exchange server, and from Microsoft’s point of view, this is a relatively new process (Preview as for May 2022).

The migration is carried out with Microsoft’s built-in tools or with third-party software, depending on the complexity and size of the migration.

YouCC also transfers the license from tenant to tenant if necessary.

Public folder migration

The Migration of Public Folders is a process that usually involves old systems (legacy), old servers and a lot of information spread over hundreds or thousands of folders and subfolders and can take many months.

Public Folder migration often involves difficulties arising from very old inboxes and folders with issues of unsupported volumes, inbox, and folder names with invalid characters (from the point of view of the cloud), “orphan” object problems, etc.

All of these create a challenge in this type of migration and many organizations avoid this process, but this leaves them working with old mail servers (2007, 2010) which expose the organization in terms of information security. These servers are vulnerable and not updated to deal with current information security challenges and sometimes aren’t on old hardware.

Youcc Technologies specializes in migrating Public Folders from all Exchange server versions, whether the source server is 2016, higher or Legacy.

We have extensive experience in performing similar migrations in SMB and ENT environments at all levels of complexity involved in the process.

We carry out and accompany the migration process from the beginning (preparation phase, tests, project planning) to the moment of the final cut, to the cloud.

In the event of any issue that requires the intervention of Microsoft support – we will manage the communication and everything necessary with Microsoft.

So how can YouCC Technologies assist you and your organization?

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Office 365

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