Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is a holistic solution known in the industry as XDR. The solution is designed to apply the right layer of protection to end-user environments, multi-clouds and on-prem infrastructures, to detect and stop sophisticated attacks. The solution is now also integrated with Azure Defender to provide an end-to-end XDR experience on the Microsoft On-Prem internal cloud and other clouds. The overall package has two sub-packages – Microsoft 365 Defender and Azure Defender. Both have sets of tools in several versions for the specific purpose each and the components it protects. The image below demonstrates the big picture of the Microsoft Defender family

MICROSOFT 365 Defender


Microsoft 365 Defender is a unified enterprise pre- and post-intrusion defense suite that unifies (UNIFIED) detection, prevention, investigation and response across endpoints, identities, email and applications to provide integrated protection against sophisticated attacks.


With the integrated Microsoft 365 Defender solution, security experts can piece together the threat signatures each of these products receives and determine the full scope and impact of the threat; How it enters the environment, what it is affected by and how it currently affects the organization. Microsoft 365 Defender takes automatic action to prevent or stop the attack and to self-heal (SELF HEALING) mailboxes, endpoints (workstations, mobile, etc.) and affected user identities.

Azure Defender

Azure Defender unifies the security management of various cloud processes and components, within the Azure Security Center. In addition to the list of supported (generally available) and recently supported (PUBLIC PREVIEW) services, Azure Defender also analyzes traffic from within the Azure network and its internal control engines to detect threats across Azure resources. It also protects non-Azure resources using Azure Arc, including those on-premises and in both AWS and GCP (once they’ve been configured).

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YouCC Technologies specializes in implementing Microsoft cloud information security solutions. As a gold business partner of Microsoft, the company’s employees can adapt the solution to the needs of the organization and implement it in an adapted and graduated manner.

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