Cloud Security Assessment

In an era where 64% of organizations in the world have experienced security and cyber breaches, and 60% of small and medium-sized businesses shut down after 6 months due to cyber breaches, there is a real risk for every organization, including disruption and sabotage of information availability and severe damage to business continuity.

In preparation for equipping ourselves with a variety of technologies and security products for spatial protection and edge positions, a thorough understanding of the resilience of the organization’s infrastructure in response to cyber threats is required, including the weaknesses and points of failure in the existing system. This is used to provide an adequate response to the security gaps on an ongoing basis.

YouCC Technologies acts as an executive arm of the leading vendors in the market; offers a Cyber ​​Security Assessment process in cloud environments and in connection with the internal IT environment. The process is carried out by our security experts in conjunction with automation tools and business intelligence.

This process provides a comprehensive and complete view of the existing situation in the organization, detection of weaknesses and technological and business risk points, response capabilities and more. The product is a detailed report that includes a collection of specific insights and recommendations for the organization, which can be acted upon immediately in technological preparation, installing dedicated tools and improving the security policy and infrastructure readiness.

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Cloud security Assessment

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