What is it?

FortiWeb is a WAF FW that protects web applications and API interfaces from targeted, known, and unknown attacks, exploits and helps maintain regulatory compliance.


Using machine learning makes it possible to test every application and as a result FortiWeb protects the applications from known and unknown threats as well as from zero-day threats.


High-performance appliances of various types such as physical, virtual, containers can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid model for business customers of all sizes, including service providers and enterprise organizations.

Comprehensive Web Application Security: using an advanced multi-layered approach and correlation.

FortiWeb provides complete security for your web-based applications. Threats from OWASP Top 10 and many other threats.


FortiWeb’s first layer of protection uses traditional WAF detections (e.g., attack signatures, IP address reputation, authentication protocol, and more) to identify and block malicious traffic using industry-leading intelligence labs (FortiGuard).


FortiWeb’s machine learning-based detection engine examines the traffic that has passed the first stage in the second stage using a model that is constantly updated adapted to the specific application and thus detects and prevents malicious anomalies.


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