The development world is dynamic and changing, new tools and methods are being created in front of our eyes. Following the world of development requires focus and attention to a fast-paced world rich in information and technologies that come to market every month. 

New development environments, new technologies and new development languages ​​bring with them an advantage in the context of technological capabilities that are added but will also be enhanced by accelerating the development and management processes of advanced environments in the cloud especially but also in intra-organizational (op-prem) data center environments.

Who we are?

We at YouCC Technologies have chosen to focus and specialize in the world of development in the cloud environment and bringing modern capabilities to the development environment while paying special attention to information security from the planning stage through development to creation. To carry out the task, we apply methodologies and tools that lead the product to the most professional place. While working continuously from the planning stage to the production stage which combines the system people, the information security people and the development people. And of course according to the customer’s needs.

Work processes

The project management process takes into account, on the one hand, the entire life cycle of the project, but places great emphasis on the agility required these days – that is, an agile Time to Market that meets the client’s expectations adjusted to the business requirements.

We know how to build a team that will encompass all phases of the project, the initiation of the project through the entire DevOps circle and ongoing monitoring of the project. Troubleshooting and adapting to new requirements. Even when the project is over, we are with you, accompanying you in the maintenance stages, changes and improvements.

About US

Among our clients, an enterprise client in which we integrate into existing teams or receive a work package that we carry out within the organizational environment or in our development environment. After that, we will accompany the organization in the transfer of knowledge and the assimilation of the work package into the organization’s systems.

Another customer sector for which we provide solutions is the startup sector, from customers who require technological support (CTO As a Service) to receiving work packages for execution while maintaining the necessary discretion.

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