Fortinet Adaptive Cloud Security

However, the use of the public cloud is increasing, both in total scope and in the variety of services – organizations continue with a distributed / hybrid work model. To meet evolving business needs, organizations move applications and work environments to the cloud while linking to on-premises environments. This trend was confirmed by 74% of respondents in a recent survey.

To minimize exploitable vulnerabilities in this dynamic environment, it is essential for the Chafetz Haim organization to closely monitor network traffic, application transactions and processes, and cloud platform activity and configurations. Fortinet Adaptive Cloud Security meets this need, providing natively integrated network, application, and platform security solutions to support and enhance digital innovation.

Fortinet Security Fabric

Fortinet Security Fabric protects enterprise business traffic in both on-prem and cloud environments and provides consistent, multi-layered security for on-prem and cloud applications. Specifically, the Security Fabric offers deep, multi-layered protection and operational benefits for securing applications against known and unknown threats inside and outside of AWS, as well as managing global security infrastructures from AWS. The main solution capabilities include:

Single-pane-of-glass control and management: Both cloud and local security functionality for central management from within AWS, which helps eliminate human error while reducing the time burden on IT. Security Fabric provides consistent security management using a consistent operational model.

Cloud-native visibility and control: Organizations get in-depth visibility into AWS application deployments. They no longer need to plan specific deployment configurations. Instead, they approach intent-based policy implementation. By using dynamic address pools, logical names of cloud-based resources, and AWS Guard Duty threat feeds, security policies can be implemented as a Security Fabric that can extend across the cloud infrastructure.

Broad protection across the attack surface: Fortinet offers the broadest set of network security products for AWS in the industry, giving organizations the ability to run any application anywhere, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Fortinet security works in the same way and is best suited to address the operational requirements and constraints of AWS environments.

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