An information security company

Services are managed in a variety of areas in diverse environments in the public clouds

End-to-end managed services in a variety of technological and business areas

Gold partner of Microsoft in adapting enterprise information systems

A leading supplier of a variety of leading companies in the Israeli market in the cloud security field

The leading DEVSEC company in cloud security in the Israeli market

With experience facing all public clouds and various solution providers in the global security market.

Cloud Security

Planning a working model in the cloud that includes the variety of aspects of information security and organizational operations.



Design and develop of secure development process, IDM tools, code control and threat inspection as well as Integration of DevSec components in the DevOps process.


Managed Services

Achieve operational and business goals through a managed model for providing services and solutions in the cloud field.


Digital Transformation

Adoption of new digital capabilities to solve complex business challenges in an active and intentional combination with advanced Low/No Code and digital technologies.



With an investment of billions of dollars per year, Microsoft's range of cloud information security solutions are the most diverse and holistic.


Tailormade Solutions

Developing software applications adapted to the client's needs as well as carrying out an integration project in the cloud and on the client's premises

About us

12 years of experience in the field of IT

In a variety of services

YOUCC, part of the Octally Group, was founded in 2011, provides end-to-end services in the field of cloud, a leader in the field of cloud security in Israel and enables secure digital transformation to the cloud for SMEs and enterprises. As a company that has carved the label of excellence in service, we constantly strive to provide our customers with the best service while consistently meeting quality and service metrics that are improving and renewing.






Cloud Users



Finished Projects



Current Projects

Project management process


learning and collecting requirement

understanding the customer's needs and formulating a solution that meets the customer's needs


Detailed planning

writing an SOW containing the client's requirements, the solution architecture and the implementation process (LLD, HLD)



implementation of the project on the client's site from a laboratory through POC and full implementation.



preparing a document of delivery and acceptance tests performed by the company and the customer respectively based on the design.


Full activation

gradual activation in the production environment, initially on a pilot group and then gradual activation.

Strategic partners

YouCC Technologies has been a gold partner of Microsoft since its inception. She sees Microsoft as a professional and strategic long-term partner. The basis of the partnership stems from the recognition of the professional value that Microsoft provides to its customers who adopt the technologies quickly and professionally.

The leading consulting company on a global level and YouCC Technologies, the leading services company in the field of cloud security, brings to the table a complete solution of consulting and implementing end-to-end information security solutions using the relative capabilities of both entities.

Together we bring innovation, digital transformation, and innovative services to the use of our customers in the leading and most advanced organizations in Israel and the world.

Our Customers

Our Team

Shmuel Mishali

VP business development

VP of Business Development The secret of success is a combination of vision, quality and excellent customer service.רימון-1-2-1.jpg

Rimon Cohen


Uncompromising professionalism, innovation and meeting goals for the benefit of our satisfied customers

Natnael Shemer

VP Sales

The customer is always at the center. Professionalism and service are the key to success

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