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YouCC appoints Rimon Cohen as CEO

Cohen will lead the company’s growth strategy and strengthen its presence. Shmuel Mishali, the founder of the company, who until recently served as CEO, will continue to lead the business development of the company YouCC from the Octally Group, a leader in cloud security services in Israel. He appointed Rimon Cohen as CEO of the company.

Cohen (37), who until recently served as the company’s deputy CEO, will lead the company’s growth strategy, strengthen its presence. Having extensive experience helped him gained an early entry into the cloud security market about 11 years ago. Shmuel Mishali, the company’s founder, who served until recently as CEO, will continue to lead the company’s business development.

Cohen has ten years of experience in the field of high-tech, of which five years in the field of cloud and information security. In his previous position as Deputy CEO of the company, Cohen managed YouCC’s sales, price sales and delivery departments, and within this framework he built and implemented the company’s strategy in the field of cloud security. Before joining YouCC, Cohen served as the director of ENT sales at Bezeq International, within this framework he managed all sectors, including the public, financial, hi-tech, and industrial sectors. Prior to that, he served as director of the commercial department at Taldor Communications.

Shmuel Mishali, former CEO of YouCC and current Director of Business Development said: “I welcome Rimon Cohen as CEO of the company. Since assuming the position of Deputy CEO, Rimon has led the company to accelerated growth in revenue and in expansion in the number of company customers while expanding the portfolio of services and collaborations with the leading technology providers in the world. Rimon will continue to leverage the company’s essential differentiation, manifested in the focus of information security services in the cloud and the connection between the worlds of development and classic cloud worlds, for its continued expansion in the cloud security market.”

Rimon Cohen, CEO of YouCC says: “YouCC has an exceptional reputation, which attracts many customers from all verticals, thanks to the quality of service and its deep and many years of experience in diverse cloud projects. I am happy to continue to develop the company’s business activities and promote its growth strategy, to help customers generate maximum business value, promote innovation and ensure advanced protection for their information.”


YouCC appoints Rimon Cohen as CEO

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