What is it?

Many organizations have decided to adopt a hybrid infrastructure strategy to optimize investments in on-prem assets and cloud assets. Achieving this goal provides the organization with an increase in business flexibility but at the same time brings greater complexity in managing and protecting identities.

The AAD (DS Protector Azure Active Directory) product addresses the aspects of information security, monitoring, backup, and recovery in a hybrid identity management scenario.

The product provides the following capabilities:

  • A clear presentation of operations and changes made in the Azure AD infrastructure.
  • A unified view that combines changes from the Azure AD environment with the local AD environment including data from the object level down to the individual property level.
  • Full automation of backup and recovery of the azure active directory in the hybrid environment.
  • Advanced search capabilities in support of forensic activity
  • Uniform display for indications of vulnerabilities and information security events that happened/are happening in the hybrid environment.

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