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The introduction of the cloud brings many benefits to companies, from collaboration to cost savings. But with so many SaaS applications in use, companies face many security risks, from shadow IT, data protection to compliance requirements. While companies try to secure cloud adoption through built-in information protection capabilities in applications and SaaS platforms, these capabilities vary from provider to provider, and from application to application, and usually provide only basic security capabilities. Using Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) is another approach but with severe limitations that don’t allow organizations to keep up with SaaS overgrowth.

SAAS Security ensures full coverage by securing all applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud – including the industry’s largest number of sanctioned and collaborative applications – to protect your business from the explosion of SaaS applications. The redesigned next-generation CASB scans all traffic, ports, and protocols, automatically discovers new apps, and leverages the largest API-based coverage of SaaS apps, including coverage for modern communication and collaboration apps like Slack® and Teams.

SAAS Security enables the protection of organizations working in a hybrid way. Simple and consistent to protect all users, anywhere Central control across the entire organization simplifies operations by connecting SASE and CASB in a unified cloud-delivered console. Streamlined workflows and ML-based automation provide simple configuration as well as deployment flexibility to enable the organization’s hybrid work model easily and effortlessly.

Comprehensive data protection. Accurate protection of sensitive data, in real time. The industry’s most comprehensive enterprise DLP hosted in the cloud and powered by ML provides unprecedented protection for sensitive data. More detection engines and more control points ensure high accuracy thanks to a comprehensive set of content-aware technologies that seamlessly extend consistent data protection across SaaS, IaaS, network, branch, and a hybrid workforce.

Block all threats. Stop known and unknown threats instantly with embedded anti-malware ML. Leverage more than 15 years of innovation in malware analysis and leverage the world’s largest datasets to stop threats quickly and easily with built-in real-time, zero-day protections.

In conclusion: when you look at your information security in the cloud or when you try to adapt your approach to information security in the cloud, you should consider a more complete solution that includes a SASE solution that includes SaaS security. Palo Alto’s SaaS Security solution can help protect your organization, users, applications and data against cyber-attacks and cloud risks through the adoption of SaaS configuration security. Security SaaS is inherently integrated into the Palo Alto SASE Network to provide consistent protection and secure access to cloud applications and data, through a common cloud framework.

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