What is Strata NGFW?

The rapid development of IT has changed the boundaries of networks. Data is everywhere, with users accessing it from anywhere and from all kinds of devices. At the same time, IT teams are embracing cloud, analytics, and automation to accelerate the delivery of new applications and drive business growth. These fundamental changes have created a threat map that reveals weaknesses in legacy security technologies, such as port-based network security, or different tools and technologies that are not naturally integrated. These tools were not designed for automation and require analysts to manually connect insights from many disparate sources before they work.

We need a different approach: one that starts with the Palo Alto Networks NGFW firewall platform. Palo Alto’s next-generation firewalls offer a prevention-focused architecture that’s easy to deploy and operate, using automation to reduce manual effort so enterprise security teams can replace disconnected tools with innovative, well-connected solutions, as well as automate and focus on what matters and enforce consistent protection everywhere.

The foundation of our NGFW strategy is inspecting all traffic, including all applications, threats, and content, and linking that traffic to the user, regardless of location or device type. The user, the application, and the content – ​​the elements that drive the business of any organization – become integral parts of your corporate security policy. As a result, the organization can adapt security to business policy as well as write rules that are easy to understand and maintain.

Our next-generation firewalls enable organizations to:

  • Securely enable users, content, and applications, including SaaS applications, by classifying all traffic regardless of port.
  • Reduce the risk of an attack using a positive enforcement model – enabling all desired applications and blocking everything else.
  • Applying security policies to block known attacks, vulnerabilities, viruses, ransomware, spyware, botnets, and other unknown malware, APTs (advanced persistent threats)
  • Protection of data centers, including virtual data centers, by segmenting data and applications as well as enforcing zero trust principles.
  • Apply consistent security across your on-premises and cloud environments, as well as branch locations.
  • Adopt secure mobile computing by extending protections to users and devices, no matter where they are.
  • Gain centralized visibility and streamline network security, turning vast amounts of data into action to prevent successful cyber-attacks.

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Strata NGFW

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