More and more organizations realize that they cannot or do not want to meet the burden of day-to-day operations related to the operation of corporate information systems. In recent years, a service model called Managed Services has been developed that allows the transfer of responsibilities for the information systems in part or in full to computing providers who take responsibility for the required segment.

What is a managed service?

Business organizations through the managers of the information systems can choose which parts of the systems they want and want to transfer to the management of an external company. In this way, the organization benefits from both worlds – focusing on the business world in which it deals, saving and reducing current costs by transferring the professional responsibility to a body with experience and knowledge focused on the elements of the requested service.

The concept of our managed systems services is focused on helping companies and organizations achieve their operational and business goals through a managed model for providing services and solutions in the field of information technology in a regular and efficient manner. The service includes 24X7 monitoring and control from our NOC center on your information systems and includes immediate treatment in the event of malfunctions, ongoing network management services, manufacturer updates, streamlining of system care processes and placement of an expert as a technical manager on our behalf who will act as the main contact for all your computing needs.

The managed services configuration includes the following configurations:

– Service and support for all the client’s computer systems, in the server room / server farm / in the cloud / hybrid.

– Service for a specific system. Examples: operating systems, various FW, Office 365, Azure and more.

– Full service in all computer systems including user support and implementation of projects and implementations.

Professional team

The company specializes in locating and connecting candidates to new and challenging opportunities of leading companies in the Israeli economy.

Every year we fulfill the career dream of dozens of candidates according to their preferences and skills in the type of job, the nature of the company, while maintaining professionalism, efficiency, innovation and personal attitude.

YouCC Technologies provides professional human resources services to a variety of leading companies in the economy, both in the worlds of enterprise, high-tech and other organizations from a variety of sectors.

Employee retention is the basis of the outsourcing activity we lead. With us, the lost find a whole world of opportunities suitable for every stage of their career, professional and personal challenges, personal development, diversity and interest, integration in many significant projects in organizations from all sectors and at the forefront of technology.

The search and integration process requires professionalism in the fields of human resources and we have these capabilities.

Why YouCC?

Professionalism – with the help of a professional process of collecting information and data, we provide our clients with the most high-quality and relevant recruitment solutions.

Through us, the employer receives a professional opinion and a lot of information that is not listed in the resume and will help him a lot in making the decision.

Efficiency – we advocate a fast, focused and high-quality process that fits the requirements of the candidate and the requirements of the company while perfectly coordinating the two

Innovation – in the recruitment process we use advanced and unique tools, while providing the most personal, professional and innovative service available.

Personal treatment – we provide candidates with personal support throughout the process with dedication, transparency and discretion and allow them to be sure that there is someone who cares for them at all times

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