DSPM - Data Security Posture Management

Data Security Management, or DSPM, is a new security trend recently announced by Gartner in the 2022 Data Security Hype Cycle. It addresses these security challenges in the cloud by automating data detection and protection operations in an ever-changing environment. It connects data, applications, and identities to provide a comprehensive picture of a company’s security posture.

DSPM provides visibility into where sensitive data resides, who has access to that data, how it is being used, and the security status of the data store or application.

So what is the problem with today’s data protection information security tools?

Simply put – they don’t understand the security context of the data. Data security doesn’t mean locking down your infrastructure to secure what’s inside. Instead, it’s about finding all the sensitive data and ensuring that no matter where it goes, its protective shell goes with it.

Cloud data tools should answer the following questions ?

  • What security envelope should this data have?
  • What is the lineage of the data?
  • Is the data you discover really critical to your business?
  • Does it cause comlines problems?
  • Which teams own and use this data?


How does Sentra secure the right cloud data?

01 – First, we need to find them without overloading your cloud account. Sentra Smart Meta Clustering and Sentra’s data sampling capabilities reduce costs by three orders of magnitude compared to existing solutions.

02 – Next, we categorize the data based on the business impact. We focus on data – we find the important data that your company needs to protect, such as financial information, personal information, developer permissions and more.

03 – If the data we find is sensitive or critical, and the security envelope does not cover it and leaves it in a vulnerable/incompatible state, it’s time to act – with alerts and remediation plans. Integrating with your existing security tools with Sentra enables quick remediation with full context around the data itself and the best way to fix any problem.

04 – Sentra detects when data is copied across your cloud databases, and can detect traffic even when it is processed by data pipelines, ETLs and various other methods. Users can set policies to alert when sensitive data is copied or transferred between regions, environments, networks, and more. Sentra also provides rich context that describes any data security degradation and enables data owners to connect for easier remediation.


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