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You are part of an organization; you are experts in the organization’s field of activity. But like any organization in the modern world, your organization has technological needs. But your organization is not a technological organization. So how do you deal with the technological needs? Where do you start?

We start by analyzing the needs, it can be the needs of the entire organization or the needs of a specific project. We will check how many users are expected, we will check what they are planning on using and when they are going to use it.

From the answers to your needs, our experts will build a solution that suits you and present you with the recommended architecture, from 3 main perspectives:

  1. The needs you mentioned
  2. The joint maintenance of the solution
  3. The costs of the solution (partnership and start-up).

In addition, we will also look at the adaptation of the solution to the existing systems in the organization, the ability of the organization to support the solution over time and the ability to expand the solution according to the changing needs of the organization.

Our team combines software development people, DevOps people and information security people. The architecture will combine all these layers in a balance suitable to meet the needs.

So how can YouCC Technologies assist you and your organization?

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Consulting and architecture

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