Every company is a technology company these days. The applications that the company builds play a critical business role in the future of any company. But building applications is only half the battle; Success or failure depends on how well you deploy, secure, and extend your applications going forward.


So why choose NGInX+?

Many organizations that publish their business applications in the public cloud understand that using a tool that is found in about 70% of the market with the above features provides them with a Cost-Effective solution with integrated professional capabilities that cannot be found with the competitors.


Modern Security – protection of the corporate applications and infrastructure with a suite of security and identity capabilities including WAF, DDoS and SSO protection.


Platform Agnostic – reducing faults and learning curves by deploying one security solution in any type of architecture or environment (any public cloud and integration with internal organizational infrastructures)


Easy and Pain-Free – Automation and Policy Implementation in Pipeline CI/CD while gaining visibility and central security insights

So how can YouCC Technologies assist you and your organization?

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