What is Prisma Cloud?

Prisma™ Cloud is a local cloud security platform that enables an organization to secure your cloud-native infrastructure and cloud-native applications through a single central dashboard. The solution offers comprehensive visibility and detection of threats across the corporate hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure.

Prisma Cloud connects to cloud providers’ APIs for read-only access to network traffic, user activity, and the configuration of an organization’s systems and services, and correlates these datasets to help cloud compliance and security analysis teams prioritize risks and rapidly respond to issues.

It also uses Enforcers to enable micro-segmentation to isolate workloads, as well as protects and secures compute environments, containers, serverless environments from vulnerabilities, malware, and non-compliance.

Prisma Cloud is available in two editions: Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition and Prisma Cloud Compute Edition.

Prisma Cloud Compute Edition is software that is hosted in the client’s private cloud. The customer installs a manager and updates the software himself. It does not send data to Palo Alto Networks.


The following features only apply to Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition, which is a SaaS solution powered and managed by Palo Alto Networks.

Prisma Cloud provides security capabilities through several modules:

– Visibility, Compliance, and Governance

– Host, Container, and Serverless Security

– Web Application and API Security

– Data Security

– IAM Security

– Cloud Code Security

– Identity-Based Micro segmentation

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Prisma Cloud

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