What is DS Protector?

Business applications, operating in local (on-prem) and cloud environments, make the dependence on the local and cloud Active Directory more and more complex. The security of these applications in the face of the amount and variety of cyber-attacks in recent years is becoming more and more complex from year to year.

To reduce as much as possible, the success and impact of these attacks, it is important for the organization to have the ability to prevent these attacks before they occur as well as the ability to deal with them during their occurrence.


The Semperis Directory Services Protector (DSP) platform continuously monitors, in real time, any changes that occur in Active Directory and Azure Active Directory to detect indications of Active Directory exposure and attack.

The DSP platform provides a live interactive view of the Active Directory environment. The system regularly collects data from various sources of knowledge and performs a comparison in real time to ensure that no changes are lost. The system uses Active Directory as a first source of knowledge and enriches the information through real-time correlation based on events as a second source of knowledge. With the help of both sources of knowledge, the system provides the user with accurate information at the highest level.

Semperis DS Protector for AD™ allows organizations real-time tracking, insight into the user making the changes, advanced search, and the ability to recover and restore objects and properties instantly. DSP capabilities include, among others:

  • Compare Active Directory states quickly.
  • Searching, finding, and presenting changes, and making the changes in an easy and clear way.
  • Real-time notification system according to user settings and according to best practices.
  • Restoring properties, objects, and OU at the click of a button.
  • Public key recovery (PKI) includes certificate templates.
  • Exposing DNS changes in binary format in a meaningful view before restoring.
  • Receiving insights in real time and restoring them as needed in seconds.
  • Explicit comparison and reproducibility for Group Policy.
  • Granular ability to provide viewing and recovery privileges on the parts of the system and the environment.
  • Automatic recovery capability according to user settings.
  • Dozens of reports are included in the system, and the ability to update and add additional reports by the user.
  • Unified view for changes in AD environment and Azure AD environment.
  • Connection to the corporate SIEM system.

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DS Protector

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