What is F5 Advanced WAF?

Cyber-attacks are the leading cause of breaches and data theft. Despite the best efforts of secure application management and patching processes, half of all applications tend to remain vulnerable.


WAF systems are designed to protect the corporate applications from information breaches by fixing weak points and stopping attacks. F5® Advanced Web Application Firewall™, provides protection against application attacks through protection against malicious bots, encryption at the Application-layer level, SAPI Inspection, and behavior analysis.


Behavioral analysis is a basic requirement for detecting combined attacks. (Many layer 7 distributed denial-of-service) (DDoS) attacks are hidden (“stale”) and cannot be detected by signatures.

Advanced WAF automatically learns application behavior, then combines traffic behavioral heuristics with server loads to determine if conditions exist for a DDoS attack. This process provides the most accurate identification without false positives. Dynamic signatures are generated accordingly and deployed on the fly for real-time protection.

F5 Advanced WAF Features Proactive Bot Protection?

Proactive bot protection: Proactive protection against automatic bot attacks and various attack tools. This prevents layer 7 DoS attacks, web scraping, and brute-force attacks.

Data Protection: Protect sensitive information from being intercepted by encrypting data while it is still in the browser. Data Safe encrypts data at the application layer to protect against malware and keyloggers.

Behavioral DoS: Provides automated protection against DDoS attacks by analyzing behavioral traffic using machine learning and data analytics. By continuously monitoring the health of the server as well as load, anomalies (performance slowdowns or traffic increases) can be accurately identified and prevented by decision.

Flexible deployment: Available as a dedicated appliance, cloud-ready virtual appliance, or part of the F5 Silverline service.

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