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The YOUCC Company is Expanding

The YouCC company is expanding and has appointed two new sales managers. 

With rich experience in the field of sales in market integration, and an emphasis on the world of cloud security, the sales managers will establish YouCC’s leadership in the field of digital transformation for organizations. 

YouCC, a leader in the field of Cloud Security in Israel, announced the appointment of two new sales managers, considering the expansion of its activities. The company appointed Orly Friedman Buchnik as Enterprise Sales Manager. Till now, Friedman Buchnik served as a Juniper product sales manager at Inocom and was a key partner in building the relationship with the manufacturer, He established activities with him and was a key partner in building a strategy to expand his activities in the Israeli market. Prior, Orly orked at Partner as an enterprise sales manager.

Friedman Buchnik has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Bar Ilan University.

In addition, YouCC also appointed Nathaniel Shemer as Enterprise Sales Manager.

 Previously, Shemar managed the sales of the largest customers in Bezeq International and was responsible for the constant increase in the number of customers as well as the ongoing care for them and the expansion of their product portfolio in the company.

 Prior, he served as a sales manager at Binat Group. He also has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from the Center for Academic Studies.

Friedman Buchnik and Shemer said mentioned: “We chose to join the YouCC company in order to take a significant part in digital transformation processes of large organizations. YouCC’s 10-year experience in the field, as well as the work with the world’s leading partners in the field, including Microsoft, Palo Alto and F5 and more , we promise that we will continue to lead the field and increase YouCC’s market share in it.”


The YOUCC Company is Expanding

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