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  • The cloud services company YouCC appointed as a partner of F5

The cloud services company YouCC appointed as a partner of F5

YouCC, a leader in cloud services, digital transformation, and information security, has been appointed a partner by the global F5 company. F5 chose to partner with the YouCC company due to its proven and many years of experience in leading strategic cloud projects in organizations from diverse sectors and its ability to provide a comprehensive solution in the field of cloud security and user experience, as well as due to the high-quality team of experts, which accompanies the customers in all stages of the application processes and the implementation of the solutions in a secure manner.

Rimon Cohen, Deputy CEO of YouCC said that “as part of YouCC’s strategy to lead the Cloud Security field in Israel, we chose to team up with F5 as a strategic partner to discern the company’s vision. F5 provides an answer to the new and complex challenges faced by organizations in the digital age. The joint vision of the two companies is to provide customers with the most advanced solutions and services in the Cloud Security worlds that allow them to promote innovation, development, and modern digital services in any infrastructure and in any

environment, they choose in a fast manner. We are proud of the new partnership and are convinced that F5’s strength as a global leader in its field, and the close cooperation with us in Israel, will provide our customers with a competitive advantage.”

Eren Aral, the director of F5 operations in Israel, Greece and Cyprus, added: “YouCC has gained extensive experience in comprehensive cloud projects in large organizations. The synergy between the two companies allows customers from different sectors to integrate into the world of the cloud in the best possible way through F5’s advanced solution portfolio and YouCC’s proven implementation methodology.”

Moti Ben Shushan, director of partnerships at F5 Israel, Greece and Cyprus mentioned: “We chose YouCC as a partner due to its specialization in cloud technologies, especially in the field of cloud security. We see great potential in the connection of two companies due to their knowledge, experience, professionalism and focus with an emphasis on the worlds of Nginx, Volterra and Shape”.

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    • F5 (NASDAQ: FFIV) gives the world’s largest businesses, service providers, governments and brands the freedom to securely deliver any application anywhere – securely. F5 provides cloud application and data security services that enable organizations to adopt the infrastructure of their choice without sacrificing speed and control. For more information visit and Facebook of F5 Israel.





The cloud services company YouCC appointed as a partner of F5

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